Who has your keys?

Who has your keys?
Home Watch is not a security service. … House-sitting is when a person physically lives in the home during the homeowner’s absence. Home Watch is a service that visits and inspects the property for the purpose of making sure that “all is well.”  Who has your keys when you’re away?

Can a home watch company be licensed in the State of Florida?  The answer to that question can be yes or no depending on who you ask.  My answer is “No”.  I’ll explain why and I’ll also offer some suggestions of what you can do in lieu of a license.  The Homewatch (or Home Watch) industry is not regulated by the state of Florida and the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) as are real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and general contractors.  That means that anyone could potentially start a home watch company without any regulation, insurance, etc.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens many times.

On the other hand, until the state of Florida enacts legislature to actually regulate and require licensure for home watch (home watch) practices, there are state registrations and local county documentation that can be obtained to let the public and your potential new clients know that you are serious about running your home watch business legitimately.
Who has your keys when you’re away?

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